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Sustainable Transportation
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The foundation of sustainable transportation lies in planning our communities for people, rather than just for automobiles. As owners, operators and maintainers of the built environment, we can influence the sustainability of transportation in the Sacramento area. There are many options for getting around including: carpooling, public transportation, bicycling and walking and cyber-commuting can contribute to the cause. Sacramento has made great strides in promoting bicycling and is now known as one of the top 25 cycling cities in the US. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular; their main contribution to transportation sustainability is reduced environmental emissions.

Benefits of these alternative transportation modes include:

  • Economy: Especially when there is a cost for parking, using alternative transit saves individuals money. When LEED principles are used in the development of facilities, fewer parking spaces may be installed reducing development costs.
  • Environment: All energy use comes with emissions to the environment. More people in a car, bus or train means fewer vehicle miles traveled, less fuel used and less environmental emissions.
  • Community: There are considerable health benefits from the increased physical activity needed to walk, bike, or even use public transit. The increased personal interaction that comes with these more social modes of transportation can improve one’s connections with the community.
  • One of the more well-known features of the LEED building sustainability rating system is including bike racks, showers for cyclists and pedestrians in our commercial buildings. In addition, LEED points are available for proximity to public transportation routes, preferred parking for carpool vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations. These signals of sustainability are some things we as building professionals can do to support sustainable transportation.

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